VIVEFranca and Moctar are both firmly committed with the development of Burkina Faso throughout education.

V!VE l’Initiative celebrated her 15th anniversary in 2014. The foundation was established by Franca. VillaRose_VivelThe goal was to get as many girls as possible into school, the children came from poor families. Some of them even got the opportunity to enter high school. Due to the classification of all records by the project leader in Bobo, we have learned that some of the students have a job now in education or health care. Local women who need economic aid are supported by V!VE. Varying from learning local language to specific crafts. For an introduction to these activities a V!VE project leader is at your disposal (half-day). Read more at

VillaRose_SchoolIf you cannot find Moctar in Villa Rose, he is in the technical school which he founded in 2007. With the help of the Honorary Consul of Burkina Faso he came into contact with a group of Dutch students from Amsterdam who embraced this initiative. Our local trade school was realized thanks to the financial efforts of these Dutch students. In September ’13, the school is in its 5th year and the first 20 students have taken their grades in auto mechanics and metal work. Moctar will be delighted to guide you in the school. Read more at