Villa Rose is an initiative of Moctar Salamatao from Burkina Faso and his Dutch spouse Franca Berkvens.

Moctar is the perfect host, a true communicator with a deep feeling for the needs and wishes of his African guests. Moctar is fluent in Dutch, he speaks good English and he is an excellent advisor for his foreign guests.

Franca is a talented cook with a wide and international experience. After her studies at a Dutch art school in 1987, she decided to start a catering business which she operated successfully for 15 years.

VillaRose  Femmes de chambre

Why are the comments of our guests always very positive about the staff? Because they are very helpful and never think that you ask too much. They just want you to feel comfortable.

From the ladies cleaning your room till the cook who is making dinner on request, you believe that everything’s possible here. Even hiring a car or asking for special services it’s not a problem: they’ve done it before.

VillaRose Cooking

They all have been working at Villa Rose for several years. Mimi started as a linen washer and she is now receptionist.
Handyman Oumar had his in-house training from Franca before becoming the chief of the cuisine.