Vegetable soup 1.500 CFA
Simple salad 2.000 CFA
Chef’s salad 2.500 CFA
Plain omelette 1.500 CFA
Oumar’s omelette 2.500 CFA
Sautéed vegetables 3.000 CFA
Spaghetti with tomato and basil sauce 2.500 CFA
Spaghetti with meat sauce 3.000 CFA
Lasagne bolognaise 3.500 CFA
Steak naturel with fries 4.500 CFA
Chicken with fries 4.500 CFA
Fishcurry with rice 4.500 CFA
Rabbit with mustard sauce, rice 4.500 CFA
Thai noodles (vegetarian) 3.000 CFA
Thai fishsoup 3.500 CFA
Chocolate crêpes 750 CFA
Seasonal fruitsalad 750 CFA
Ask for the daily special 2.000 CFA
Ask for the daily tajine (Moroccan stew) 4.500 CFA
Please ask at the reception to place your order.